Branding is differentiation. How do you stand apart from the rest? What services or products that you offer are unique in comparison with the other players in the marketplace? What are your strengths? Do 'they' have weaknesses? Which is the next big opportunity?

Once you understand where your business enterprise is, in terms of positioning, it becomes easy to devise a strategy that will enable greater brand awareness, higher and more qualitative leads and longer term client relationships.


At Brand-E 360 it is the energy that we bring to your brand and business entity that makes the difference. Effective promotions strategy and advertising energises your brand and enhances business with measurable results. View some of our projects with both online and print promotions strategy at work.

Brand-E360 is a unique combination of a media & marketing consultant, a communications & content specialist and a creative design & development expert. The synergy that the trio bring to the business development objectives of the small medium enterprise - particularly to local businesses and brands - is vital.

With the cumulative experience, expertise and energy that Brand-E360 extends, a concerted brand building exercise, a comprehensive business growth plan and a core base of consumers is rest assured. Get in touch for a range of services, including a positioning exercise, a promotions strategy and sales plan.

A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) assessment is imperative, more for the existing and longstanding business entity than for a startup. Rely on Brand-E360 for a critical assessment that sets the base for a positioning exercise, which includes creating a logo, a brand image and identity, thereby aiding customer recall and retention for the long term. A promotions strategy, both online (via the web and social media) and offline, is then devised, to help accurately target client audiences. A long-term sales plan and business strategy helps sustain the momentum.

Look forward to a mutually beneficial engagement over the long haul... 

How does going online help my business?

Taking to the internet to promote your business immediately widens your scope of operations. You can deliver anywhere, with the help of an online store.

Is it expensive to go online?

Not really, considering the relative costs of setting up a physical store. WIth so many free templates available, designing a website is quite affordable. Some great platforms are Wix and Weebly for websites and e-commerce options like Ecwid, which offers a comprehensive online store.

How does Brand-E360 assist me in my online strategy?

The Brand-E360 team works with you in simple steps: 1. Registering a domain name 2. Identifying and customising a suitable website template 3. Creating design and content elements 4. Integrating an online store into your website 5. Setting up social media platforms to increase reach 6. Creating a suitable promotions campaign both offline and online 7. Transfering your website to you. For more information click here>>

How long does it take for me to go online?

Your website can be registered in a matter of minutes. Designing your website with suitable templates and content and creative design will take upto a fortnight. Setting up an online store may take another week, depending on the number of products. Integrating social media tools is an ongoing process. So, in a matter of three weeks or so, you are ready to promote yourself on the world wide web! Let's get started.

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