Edwin David


Hello, again!

What you will find here is a spreadsheet of my career, whose shape I will describe as a squiggle (a sort of irregular line that goes in different directions, a maze) not like an upward arrow as most would like to have it. However, it is this career graph, of trying out various roles that has shaped me as, not a specialist, but as a super-generalist within the domain of Sales & Marketing.

With three decades of multifarious roles, I can startup, manage and successfully steer any mid-sized business entity towards growth and market leadership in a reasonable span of time. I believe in my definition of efficiency: Do more. Do it well. Do it in time.


While reading my profile, do keep in mind that, while names of most organisations have been left out, the experiences have however been recorded, with both highlights and low points with the ubiquitous blue and red stars to denote the good and the bad, in a sort of dispassionate way. My CV contains the timelines in each profile and career stage, if you'd like to explore the journey in greater detail.

Corporate years


A decade's journey from Trainee Sales Exec. to Regional Sales Head

My formative career years were spent in a clutch of large organisations, namely the K Raheja Corp, Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Limited and Club Mahindra, among others. Smaller organisations also added value to my experience, with their ability to adapt to changing market trends easier than the biggies could.

As a sales executive, I achieved targets, 80% of the time. Once, I had exceeded the annual target. As a Sales Manager, I ensured that the teams were adequately equipped with resources to tackle challenges with competence.

In the latter half of my corporate years, I was introduced to process-oriented selling, which was to later form the basis of my consulting career, with due credit to Mercuri Goldman, the Swedish based sales consulting firm.

I acquired cross-industry experience, including in hospitality, publishing, industrial products, information technology and leisure sectors.

Never engaged in or encouraged office politics. Was passed up for a promotion once, without a plausible explanation. On another occasion, my sales orders were credited to an underperforming colleague. Can't tolerate foul language at work. Quit two roles on account. 

Work-life balance is a relatively new term in corporate environs. Fashionable, too. Corporate life used to lack this balance. For some part, it still does.   

Few organisations foster a culture of ideas and innovative methods. Again, the term 'flat organisation' is mostly on paper. Heirarchy was the bane of big firms.

Consulting years


Professional coaching and strategic business development for small enterprise.

This phase of my career was highly fulfilling since I was an independent consultant and much of my ideas were readily accepted and implemented by propreitary and family run firms, wanting to make a professional breakthrough in their business activities. 

Over 50 small medium enterprises, repositioned, including, in some cases, a name change, product line consolidation and a workforce overhaul. 

Nearly 4000 sales people trained in sales processes, presentation and towards building long term customer relationships.

500+ outdoor promotional campaigns spanning newspaper advertisements, fliers and banners resulting in lead generation, sales and long term brand recall. 

Not every turnaround exercise turns out to be successful. One entity, a healthcare startup, folded, but largely due to erroneous financial decisions, including over borrowing. At least 6 other businesses didn't see sustained growth due to lack of application of agreed strategy, showing a lack of patience and perseverance. 

Nearly 40% of the salesforce trained, reverted to the old practices of selling. The retraction was partly due to high attrition in the sector, with new workforce diluting the organisational culture.

Current years

2013-till date

Engaged in branding and business strategy development with a digital bent of mind.

This phase of my career is somewhat similar to the Consulting Years, except that the focus is heavily on the digital space - websites/ email marketing/ social media ad campaigns and so on. The branding and business strategy objectives are intact, but to get enterprises to go digital is a greater challenge since you're now dealing with an invisible audience. The stakes are higher. 

11 websites and 3 online stores launched over the last two years 2019-2021.

Helped restart a defunct educational institution with a revival and revamp strategy, including a combination of digital and offline promotional mediums. Also set in motion streamlined processes and best practices. In three years, the school went from 43 students to 400.  

Created and launched over a 100 digital ads as brand building exercises, across Facebook, Instagram, Email and WhatsApp

Consistent promotions and positioning is critical in the online space but few firms understand this imperative, leading to unnecessary ad spends and too little impact.

Hugely cluttered domain, the internet, with little room for attention span. In a rush to go online, most entities sacrifice core values and identity, mostly ending up aping other players rather than building a unique identity. 

Brand building online requires a concerted strategy, even 360 degrees, in order to achieve long term results but few possess the patience that this requires.