• Edwin David

Branding Bluffs To Avoid

Making tall claims or riding the wave - in today's scenario of the pandemic -to leverage commercial advantage is not advisable. Avoid superlatives and spins.

The urge to project a brand as the best and the biggest is constant. However, building a brand around its performance is more important than playing with perceived notions. The pandemic brought with it a wave of tall claims, with media managers toeing the storyline of manufacturers, slipping in the 'best remedy' spin. Take the Corona Kit of an Indian ayurveda brand. Much before the world at large took stock of the dilemma of not having any medical answers to the deadliest virus yet, brands like these took advantage of the void that was created, that of fear. Read related article: Marketing, based on human emotions, is not new, but it is only now that the average individual has discovered that messaging, both subtle and overt, in advertisements, could be misleading. For instance, wanting to be 'fair' as against having a glowing skin is a longstanding and skin-deep issue. For sale only in tropical climes of South Asia, this cream would have bombed were it to have been marketed in the Northern Hemisphere, where lightness of skin is more on account of lowered exposure to sunlight rather than a parameter of beauty. The conglomerate has removed the 'fair' in its brand name and has even launched a 'glowandlovelycareers' academy after the recent furore over their alleged discriminatory advertising, biased against the dark-skinned, but its portal still carries 'fair' models! While building a brand, it is imperative to be realistic and to set realistic expectations in consumers' minds. Stating that a hand sanitizer kills 100% bacteria is too tall a claim. Stating otherwise, that the sanitizer is effective against germs along with recommending a good hand wash with soap and water, brings about transparency and respectability. Stating the presence of immunity boosters in your product is acceptable. Claiming that you have a cure for the COVID-19 is a claim best avoided. You will only damage existing reputation and brand value. For local brands and businesses aspiring to go global, relatively speaking, the thumb rule to branding is to keep the communication straight and simple. Let your core strengths speak louder. #branding #businessvalues


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