• Edwin David

Branding is not about logos

Logo creation is the last leg of any branding exercise but must be carefully created based on key parameters of customer experience.

Several small business enterprises and entrepreneurs have this query, 'Do I need a logo?' But, before putting pencil to paper or hiring a creative agency or graphic designer, some due diligence is essential. Logos become relevant when the business format or the model has reached a certain consistency in the services and products that it offers and the satisfaction that its clientele experience, over and again. Once this is achieved, that is, the expectation is met, the avenue to brand your product or service is opened. More than design and logos (which constitute the last leg of a branding exercise and the first in the promotional strategy), it is the quality of the deliverable, the product or service on offer that counts. Differentiation in terms of the uniqueness of your product or service is in itself branding at work, though the clientele may not directly realise it. For example, a particular taste of coffee, a rare ingredient in a chocolate truffle and even a specialty degree or experience of a medical consultant or a language interpreter, all of these lead the clientele to perceive you as unique or different from the rest. It is this differentiator that goes into the branding and logo development exercise. Something that will drive home the message and cement it in your clientele's minds for a period of time, until the competitor catches up or you are facing obsolence and must reinvent. At that point, everything alters according to the new positioning strategy, including the logo.

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