Registering a domain name and preparing a suitable website template


Creative design input and copywriting 


Activating a promotions plan with digital ads, print and social media support

  • When setting out to launch a website and building an online presence, an appropriate name that is both relevant to your line of business and search engine optimised, is crucial for clients to recall your brand and products easily and find you on the internet  effortlessly. 
  • -naming
  • -domain name registration
  • -SEO 
  • Bringing visual appeal and robust content on to the website go together. Making a great first impression on your visitors is important to bring them back as well as to generate their referrals.

  • -logo design and visual content

  • -webpage development

  • -copywriting and content creation

  • -setting up an online store (optional)

  • Once your website is ready and set for launch, linking it with appropriate social media accounts and creating and digital & print campaign to promote your site will help the initial thrust and maximise reach of your core services. A branding exercise that spells the beginning of a long and meaningful journey...

  • -Initiation of Instagram, LinkedIn and other relevant social media platforms that will extend your brand to a wider network

  • -A digital advertisement and promo plan that will convey your brand accurately (via email, WhatsApp and SMS)

  • -A print campaign in the form of fliers and posters for sustained brand awareness and to help trigger the initial lead generation objectives.

Now, it is time to handover your website so you can manage it effortlessly, with support from us whenever required! Click to view some of our recently created and completed websites that have been handed over: 

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